How to List your Property with North Ga Cabins by Owner

How to Join

First and foremost you have to be the direct owner of a short term vacation rental cabin in the North Ga Mountains.  We will be covering primarily Fannin, Gilmer, Union, and Towns Counties of Georgia.  Cabins in the immediate surrounding areas may be considered as well.

There are just 5 simple steps to add your Property to our listing site.

1. Be an Active OwnerRez Client.  
OwnerRez is a Property Management Software that allows you to fully manage your property on both the OTA's and on your own direct site.  The Widgets we use on this site are provided free of charge by them to us their customers.  Their widgets are the magic that makes this site possible! 
Login to OwnerRez and Request to Join here.

2. Have your own direct book site. - 
 As an OwnerRez customer you can either use their widgets to build your own site or you can use their OwnerRez Hosted Website Service.  Either way hopefully we can help send customers that are tired of paying the additional fees required by the OTA's (Online Travel Agencies) to your direct booking site. 

3.  Have at least 5 Reviews with a 4.5+ Star Average.  -
Reason for this is as you will see in the next step all our members will be referring customers to other members of this listing site.  So we want to ensure that we have high quality hosts so that people who found a cabin through this site will have a positive experience and hopefully recommend us to others so that the site grows and is more beneficial for all members.

4. Have a mutual referral page on your direct site - 
The whole theory behind this site is that there is enough STR business to go around.  Some may say we should consider each other competitors, and stay separate. However we feel there is more strength in forming this alliance.  If we share guests with one another, so that when we do not have availability that guest can easily find a similar option, then in the end, the love will get spread around to all.  Also with more backlinks to the page it will increase SEO and further drive the exposure of the site which will in turn benefit each member. A referral page is a win/win for every member.  Doesn't have to anything fancy.  Could be as simple as a button that says click here to see more cabins. Here is an example of the page I created on my site. 

If you have an OwnerRez Hosted Website, here is a walkthrough of how to add a Custom Page

 If you need help with this email me and I can help you!

5. Membership Fee of $5 a year - 
This is just to cover website hosting costs.  Any additional funds will be rolled back into the site in the form of advertising via Google and Facebook, once again to increase page views and get more exposure.
Click here to Pay for your subscription

After you have paid your subscription and requested membership, please allow 48 hours for an admin to confirm your Review averages and your Mutual Referral Page.
Thanks for becoming a member of NorthGaCabinsbyOwner!!

Be Sure to also Like and Follow our Facebook page!  We welcome you as Owners to post there and we will help showcase your cabins!

Any questions, contact me at this address.








Our Partner

We can't say enough great things about OwnerRez. They are the Property Management Software (PMS) that makes this site possible.  All the cabin listings you see here are managed through their software.  If you are a STR Property Owner do yourself a favor and check out their site and see what they can do to help streamline and improve your business processes.


What is North Georgia Cabins By Owner?

North Georgia Cabins By Owner is a membership site consisting of private owners of vacation rental cabins, homes, and condos in the Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Mineral Bluff and surrounding areas of the North Georgia Mountains.

Each owner manages their own properties and uses OwnerRez vacation rental software. OwnerRez allows them to provide a secure direct booking through the owners personal website without the high fees normally associated with the major OTA's (Online Travel Agencies).

If you would like to join this page and add your North Georgia Mountain vacation rental to this directory, visit our How to Join page.